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One Letter Signals
Used in All Means of Signalization

A  I have a underwater diver; keep away from me and move slowly.
B*  I am loading or unloading or shipping dangerous cargo.
C  "Yes" (affirmative answer, or meaning of previous group shuold be understood affirmativly).
D*  Keep away from me; difficult manoeuvring.
E*  Changing course to right.
F  I am disabled; maintain connection with me.
G  I need a pilot. If this signal gives fishing ship fishing in close range, in fishing area, it means:"I'm lifting nets."
H*  I have a pilot on board.
I*  Changing course to left.
J  Fire and dangerous cargo on ship. Keep away from me.
K  I want to maintain connection with you.
L  Stop your ship immediately.
M  My ship is stop and is not moving through the water.
N  "No" (negative answer, or meaning of previous group should be uderstood negativly). This leter can be sent only as optical or sound signal. For speach ro radio sending signal "NO" should be used.
O  Men in the water.
P  In harbour: All persons must come on bord the ship, because ship sailing soon. On sea: Can be used by fishing ship to denote: "My nets are hitch to the obstacle".
Q  Health condition on ship is good and I am asking free trafic.
S*  My engines are in reverse.
T*  Keep away from me: I am pulling net with two ships.
U  You are sailing in danger.
V  I need help.
W  I need medical help.
X  Stop what are you doing and look for my signals.
Y  My anchore is ploughing.
Z  I need tugger.
*  When these signals are transmitted with sound devices, they can be given only in accordinance with conclusions of International rules on colision avoidinance on sea. Signals K and S have other meanings when used as signals during crew members or persons in disress living boats.

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