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Mark of Safe Waters

Mark of safe waters shows that surrounding waters are safe for sailing and without navigational danger. This mark is placed, for example, to denote middle of sailing route, sailing channel or coast accessing route.

Shape of mark is completly different from shape of alone danger mark; that is spheric buoy colored with re and white vertical stripes, or post or bar, also colored with vertical red and white stripes. Top sign iz red sphere. If the mark is with light, it is white colored, isophased ritham, occulting, one long flash every 10 s or Morse A.

Description of safe waters mark:
Mark on top
(if exists)
red sphere;
Color red and white vertical stripes;
Shape Spherical; post or bar with top sign;
(if exists)
Ritham Iso, Oc, long flash every 10 s or Morse A
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