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International Morse and Usual Signals

Morse alphabet is combiantion of duration of long (dash) and short (dot) signals, and they are used besides other and in light signalizaion.
Duration of dash is as long as three dots. Interval between signals is one dot (between dashes and dots).

A   J     S    1     
B     K    T 2     
C     L     U    3     
D    M   V     4     
E N   W    5     
F     O    X     6     
G    P     Y     7     
H     Q     Z     8     
I   R      9     

Period (.)       Quotation marks (" ")      
Comma (,)       Separation mark (-)     
Colon (:)       Distess signal         
Question mark (?)       Circular call           
Apostrophe (')       Repeat signal              
Crtica (-)       Wait      
Parenthesis left "("      Od       
Parenthesis right ")"       Transmiting call, continue   
Message understood      Error        
End of message      Message received   
Calling position,
preceding every message
about position
       Warning signal,
precedin every message
End of transmission       What is your calling sign          

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