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Captain:                    Spanopoulos John, born in 1962, Greek, married with children.

After graduating from High School, he obtained an Officer’s Diploma from the Merchant Marine Academy. John has 18 years of experience as Captain on charter yachts. He speaks English and his free time enjoys swimming and fishing. He has been working for the same owner for the last seven years.


Engineer:                 Georgoulis Nickos, Greek nationality, 50 years old, married, with children. Nickos, like the captain, is highly professional, and licensed engineer.He has been on the yacht for the last one year.  He is not only an excellent engineer but also a great seaman. At your service always, smiling and willing to do his best.


Deckhand:               Pikridas Christos, Greek nationality, 25 years of age.  He has been on the yacht for the last one year. He speaks English fluently. He plays football during his free time.


Chef:                          Glykas Marios, 28 years of age, single. He is newly appointed on IF, but he started his career as a cook in yachts and cruising ships where he has worked for 8 years. He has excellent knowledge of Greek and international cuisine. Marios is very creative and always strives to satisfy his guests in every possible way. He has good knowledge of English. He enjoys reading, swimming and playing volleyball very much.


Stewardess:            Dikta Theodosia, Greek nationality, 20 years old. Theodosia is a new member of the team.  Her smile and willingness are the best warranty that your stay on board will be a pleasant one. She is single, and she enjoys swimming, reading and painting during her free time.

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