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Choosing a luxurious yacht and selecting your route is a good start to spending a remarkable cruising holiday. However, an important factor, which can distinguish your cruise and make it truly unforgettable, lies with the players "behind the scenes" -your crew. A team of true professionals whom we are proud to present- the HARMONY crew


Captain:                                    Antonis Kalesis, Greek Nationality, 38 years old, married. Captain Antonis graduated as second officer from the National Academy for Merchant Marine Officers. He has served as second and Chief officer on cargo vessels and tankers and as Master on giant crude-oil carriers, sailing to numerous distant points of the world. He holds certificates in radar observation and plotting, use of navigational aids, life saving and fire fighting, radio telephone operation, computers and all relevant subjects. Serving on luxury yachts for the past 5 years, he considers the Aegean Sea his real house. Captain Antonis' dogma is "safety comes first". In his spare time he takes pleasure in diving, fishing, swimming and when not in the water, reading. He has a pleasant and friendly character and speaks fluent English.            


Chief Engineer:                          Panagiotis Hiotis, Greek Nationality, 43 years old, married with 2 children. He has lengthy sea experience since 1969 and olds certificates of chief engineer, life saving and fire fighting and the international convention on standards of training certification and water keeping for seafarers. Panagiotis is characterized by his efficiency in his job and being a perfectionist in every sense of the world. His experience makes him a most valuable companion at sea. In his spare time he enjoys fishing and swimming. He speaks English.


Chef:                                         Ioannis Tzanos, Greek Nationality, 63 years old, married with 1 child. "Dining is the essence of life" has been the credo of Ioannis for the past 35 successful years of serving as chief cook and chef on a number of cruise vessels and luxury yachts. Whether you fancy Greek, Italian, French or Continental Cuisine, Ioannis will make sure that each and every meal aboard HARMONY is an experience on its own. He speaks effortlessly English.         


Chief Steward:                           Kostas Platias, Greek Nationality, 50 years old, married with two children. Kostas, an accomplished professional, has served as chief steward in a number of ships cruising the Mediterranean, Caribbean and the Seychelles and has been with us for the past 7 years. He takes pride in his trade and he is indeed very good at it. He is a delightful person to have around and is well expressed in English.


Steward:                                   Kostas Liapatis, Greek nationality, 29 years old. He has ample working experience on yachts, passenger ships and luxurious restaurants. He speaks English.


Assistant Stewardess:                Niki Giaouri, English Nationality, 29 years old. Niki is a pleasant person, experience and efficient in her job. She holds certificate from High School of London. The last years has a successful service in luxury yachts. She speaks English fluently.                       

Ship's mate:                              Lefteris Santos, Greek Nationality, 36 years old. Holds certificates of the international convention on standards of training, life saving and fire fighting  and able seaman. Lefteris has an extensive background of service on luxury yachts and has mastered the Aegean map down to the smallest isolated island bay for the guests of Harmony to visit. Lefteris also may act as a water ski and fishing instructor for the guests. He speaks English.


Deck hands:                               Kostas Vamvakas, Greek Nationality, 29 years old, married with 2 children. He was a Greek Navy Officer for 5 years and has 5 years of experience in passenger's ships. He is a holder of certificates of High School, Scuba diver, life saving and fire fighting. Also he is a holder of metal of honor from the Greek Government for salvaging of shipwrecked people. He is an English speaker.


                                                Rufino Endradora, Filipino Nationality. Rufino has been with us for 10 years now and has long working experience on board luxurius yachts.

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