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Captain:                                 Vasilis Panagakos. Captain Vasilis, 47 years old, was born at Gythion a traditional pitoresce port at Peloponnese, the Southern Greece. He is married and has a son and a daughter. He is the captain of M/Y AEGEAN PRINCESS since September 1992. he has a nautical experience of 27 years, serving as an officer to various types of merchant ships, and sailing to all oceans and seas of the world. He has a carrier in yachting, since 1988. he earned his degree from the Greek Ministry of Merchant Marine. He speaks fluent English and French. He is excellent in sailing, he loves sea, all water sports, and he is a great Greek dancer.


Chief Engineer:                    Nikolaos Militis, 48 years old was born in the island of Evia. He is married and he has two daughters. He is aboard M/Y AEGEAN PRINCESS, since September 1992. He graduated from the Naval Engineering Academy in 1968. he has a carrier as an engineer to the merchant fleet and to various types of vessels, for 26 years. His carrier in yachting started in 1992. He speaks fluent English and he enjoys fishing and hunting.


Chief Steward:                    Nektarios Gogios, 47 years old, was born in Athens. He is married and he has a son and a daughter. He has excellent credentials throughout his 25 years career in passenger ships. He is a new crew member of M/Y AEGEAN PRINCESS since 2001. He loves sea and sailing and he is eager to offer you his best performance. He speaks fluent English, and he loves to welcome people aboard, as a fine example of the traditional Greek hospitality.


Chef:                                      Antonis Polikandriotis, 52 years old, was born in Piraeus. He is married and he has two daughters. He has a rich and long experience as a chef in cruise ships, in private yachts of Greek ship owners, as well as in well-known hotels and restaurants. His love for the sea and the yachting, lead him to join M/Y AEGEAN PRINCESS in 1999. You will greatly appreciate his decision, when you will taste his specialties. He speaks English.


Second mate:                      Giorgos Katsanakis,35 years old, was born in Achaia in Peloponnese. He is married and he has a daughter. He loves sea, and he is sailing for 12 years, mostly with M/Y. he is aboard M/Y AEGEAN PRINCESS since 1999. He is an experienced scuba diver, and he loves water sports like water skiing. He speaks fluent English.


Boson:                                   Makis Makropoulos, 37 years old, was born in Peloponnese. He is aboard M/Y AEGEAN PRINCESS since 1993. He loves sailing and water sports and he speaks English.


In Yachting business the vessel's crew is an asset. M/Y AEGEAN PRINCESS

have crew members  with  long  term  business relationships and she is proud

for that.


There   are   11  crew  members  as  Captain,   S.Mate,  Boson,  Sailor,  Chief

Engineer, Ass. Engineer, Chef, Ass. Chef, Chief Steward, Steward, Steward       

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