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MASTER:                               Gouskos Kostas

Nationality:                           Greek

Age:                                        39 years old

Marital Status:                     Single

Experience:                          7 years in cargo ships and 12 years in passenger yachts

Diploma:                                Master Diploma A' Class

Certificates:                         Radar (Decca - Loran - Arpa - Satellite)

                                                Operator - International Safety Management.

Salvage at sea - fire fighting - speed boat (salvage)

Language:                            Captain Costas is fluent in English language





ENGINEER:                            Nalbat Achmet                                

Nationality:                           Greek

Age:                                        40 years old

Marital Status:                     married - 2 children

Diploma:                                Engineer A', Electrician

Experience:                          15 years in Cargo Ship, passenger ships and Passenger yachts

Certificates:                         International Safety Management, salvage sea, fire fighting, speed boat (salvage)

Language:                            Achmet speaks English, Turkish, Bulgarian





CHIEF STEWARD:                Dino Goga

Nationality:                           Greek

Age:                                        24 years old

Marital Status:                     Single

Experience:                          4 years in various passenger yachts

                                                (LADY KK, AGELIKA, FREEDOM)

Languages:                          Dinos is fluent in English and Italian language








CHEF:                         Nikolaras Vasilis

Nationality:                           Greek

Age:                                        52 years old

Marital Status:                     Married

Experience:                          25 years in passenger yachts


Languages:                          Vasilis speaks English, Spanish




BOATSWAIN:                       Levantis Dimitris

Nationality:                           Greek

Age:                                        41 years old

Marital Status:                     Married - two children

Diploma:                                Second Officer

Certificates:                         G.O. - Passenger - International Safety speedboat

Experience:                          20 years in various passenger yachts

                                                (AWAL, KAMIL, VOX, WHY NOT, MARIANNA)

Language:                            Dimitris speaks English






Nationality:                           Greek

Age:                                        32 years old

Marital Status:                     Single

Experience:                          10 years in passenger yachts

                                                (NEFELI, TATABOO, NICOLAS)

Languages:                          English

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